A network of families led by fathers with a passion to bring timeless principles and resources to families, local communities and nations.


Imagine more projects, programmes, initiatives ,schools and universities specially designed for Men or Dad's. Men and Dad's being equipped not only just to be great Leaders, Managers, CEO's or change the world, but to be who God has designed them to be:

- To lead with humility and integrity,
- To love their wives,
- To effectively parent their children,
- To be their children first Teachers and provide an enabling environment for learning,
- To nurture the next generation of leaders,
- To build a generational Legacy ( Name, Heritage and Inheritance)

It is a sobering fact that many of our young people suffer from emotional abandonment. Their fathers failed to invest emotionally in them and they grew up angry, not knowing why they are angry. It is because they were not given what every child needs—emotional intimacy with their father's. Emotional validation is so important to children and teenagers, it tells them they have value and are loved. Withholding affirming words and appropriate physical affection can be as damaging as negative words or no words. Children grow up with "holes" in their social skills, communication, and their ability to share with others their deepest and most intimate part of their lives. They try to fit in with the big boys or big girls of the world and have long-term relationships with other people but are never quite able to make things happen. They bounce in and out of so many projects, jobs, friendships, and social situations that don’t even notice their behavior. They constantly fight the messages from childhood that said they are not valuable and are stupid, but inside secretly wonder if they are not valuable and really stupid. They are never able to answer the question of what is wrong with me? And why is the rest of the world able to handle issues successfully but I can't? 


As you engage with our team you will develop a strong passion for family. You will re-discover family as a place of love, security, learning and purpose. You will see the challenges our nation and continent face of dysfunctional families and fatherlessness. You will also break with the things that break God’s heart. So many children in our society need the love of the father and family. Will you be a father to your children and also to those who need a father? After all "True religion is to care for the fatherless – (widows and orphans)"

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