Storytelling and Literature

"Storytelling is an art form as old as time and has a place in every culture and society. Why? Because stories are a universal language that everyone — regardless of dialect, hometown, or heritage — can understand. Stories stimulate imagination and passion and create a sense of community among listeners and tellers alike.

Telling a story is like painting a picture with words. While everyone can tell a story, certain people fine-tune their storytelling skills and become a storyteller on behalf of their organization, brand, or business. You might’ve heard of these folks — we typically refer to them as marketers, content writers, or PR professionals. Every member of an organization can tell a story." - HUB SPOT ACADEMY

According to Hub spot Academy, Good stories are …

  • Entertaining: Good stories keep the reader engaged and interested in what’s coming next.

  • Educational: Good stories spark curiosity and add to the reader’s knowledge bank.

  • Universal: Good stories are relatable to all readers and tap into emotions and experiences that most people undergo.

  • Organized: Good stories follow a succinct organization that helps convey the core message and helps readers absorb it.

  • Memorable: Whether through inspiration, scandal, or humor, good stories stick in the reader’s mind.